China Hualu Group Co., LTD. is a State-owned enterprise directly administrated by the State Asset Supervision and Administration Committee of State Council. Established on June 18th, 2000, the large-scaled national corporation engages in professional technical R&D, manufacture and sales of audio & video products and the related. With registered capital of RMB 1539.55 million, Hualu founded its general headquarters in Dalian, set up subsidiaries in Dalian, Beijing, Shenzhen and Chenzhou, established national R&D center in Dalian and founded research institutes in Beijing and Shenzhen, and built internal and external marketing networks.

The precursor of the China Hualu Group is China Hualu electronics Co., LTD. which was approved by the State Council in June 1992. The objective of the company is to develop Chinese VCR industry, build the most advanced manufacture base for AV product key parts, engage with multimedia information generation, storage, process and application to create and satisfy people’s modern life. By keeping regulated the structure of industry and production, implementing double management system developing new management and research conception, Hualu keep enhancing its profits and keep the scale of Hualu enterprise growing. China Hualu Group owns 34 subsidiaries, where there are 27 holding subsidiaries and 7 shareholding subsidiaries.

Hualu Group Co., LTD. is a new type of cultural industry group which developed based on the information industry. It has established 3 industrial blocks: audio and video terminal industry, content industry and service industry, and built  “the most intact industrial chain of high-definition product in China”, “No.1 high-definition brand in China” and “the intelligent traffic software leading brand in China”. Hualu has won the titles of “the Most Influenced Enterprise” and “National Culture Export Key Enterprise”

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