Words from Chairman


We are now in an era of high information, a time full of innovations and opportunities.

China Hualu people are prepared to face this era with wisdom and efficient action.

As a member of the enterprise, especially a manager, the vital task is to solve the problem of “get ready at any time”, because “the opportunity always favors those who have prepared well.”

Bearing the mission of “promote cultural progress and create happy life”, we base ourselves upon the society by persisting in the corporate business concept of “open to collaborate, people-oriented, sincere and faith-keeping, super excellence-pursuing”, strive to meet the day-to-day growing requirements of the public towards the modern consumption on culture with digital audio and video technology as the carrier, so as to fulfill China Hualu’s political responsibility, economic responsibility and social responsibility.

China Hualu has conducted its preparation of development since Chinese economic opening up. China Hualu was born to build Chinese VCR industry in 1992. As a first-class AV key components manufacture base, China Hualu build its basic orientation for the industry on multimedia generate, storage, process and application so as to create modern digital life for human beings.

China Hualu has been struggling in consumer electronics industry. We keep adapting the new situation to catch opportunities, accelerate the process of restructuring on production and industry. And now the rudiment of a new type of corporate group, integrating information industry and culture industry based on information industry has been established gradually.

In accordance with the corporate concept of “People respecting, People cultivating, Relying on people and Satisfying people”, China Hualu will persistently prepare to expand market with sincerity, acquire motivation by innovation, conquer all kinds of difficulties with practical spirit, confront various challenges with effective performance, contribute to the society with high-tech products and service so as to accelerate the national industry renewal and obtain customers by high quality products and service to consolidate our leading position in the industry.

We are speeding up our preparation! We are making all efforts!

China Hualu’s future will be better!

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